About Us

Q Trend Vogue Boutique is your one stop shop for various Men, Women, Unisex and Kid's Products. We offer highly competitive pricing and flexible shopping and delivery options. Shop on our newly launcehed e-commerce platform. Secure payment and checkout options give you a seamless shopping experience. Our marketing team will contact you immmediately you complete a shopping order. We will make sure the goods are delivered within the shortest possible time-frame and will continously update you on the progress of your ordered products from checkout to delivery. 

Check out our website from time to time for discounts, vouchers and sales bonanzas that are designed to reward your loyalty and dedication to our services. 

Feel free to visit our physical store at the following address:

Q-Trend-Vogue-Boutique Germany, Schlosstrasse 2. Post Code: 30159. Lower Saxony. Hanover, Germany

Phone/SMS: +4915213930124


E-mail: queenesh4u@hotmail.com